Fall 2015

Rachel Mann (Absolutely Abstract by “Rae”)
Abstract and Modern Art

Michael Diggs
Acrylic on Canvas, based on people of color

Paula Bannerman
Digital Art

Madison Bolls
Abstract Oil and Acrylic Pet Portraits

Kofi Tyus
Acrylics and Inks

Sara-Joelle Clark
Paintings and Collages

Rachel Wishner
Abstract Paintings and Collages

Wendy Sittner
Mixed Media

Zsudayka Nzinga
Paintings and hand-painted accessories

James Terrell

Shante Bullock

Marie Emerson

Janice Horoschak
Jewelry and Paintings

Christian Fretty

Stephon Daniels

Spring 2014

the Sinister Intelligence Agency

The Sininster Intelligence Agency has been Djing and otherwise causing
trouble in Trinidad and beyond since 2006.



The all-women Batala Washington percussion group started in June 2007 in Washington DC, and is part of the International Batala group that plays Afro-Brazilian / Samba-Reggae rhythms.

JoJo Fekwa will be painting again at Art in the Alley. You've seen his work all over town (mural at Trinidad and Florida, for example).
JoJo Fekwa will be painting again at Art in the Alley. You’ve seen his work all over town (mural at Trinidad and Florida, for example).

Matthew Parker


To make a Photo Collage, I begin with a sketch, “the idea.” Then, rotate the camera to achieve different angles and layer each photo with an observance of a place during different times of the day or year to create a dynamic scene. When you see a change in tone from one photo to the other, it’s the result of a different time that I was at the location. I am drawn to capture ordinary and everyday occurrences from my DC neighborhood while travels have taken me to New York, San Fran and New Orleans.

Rosina Teri Memolo


Rosina Teri Memolo is a fine artist and commercial photographer in the SE quadrant of Washington, DC. Rosina is known for her urban inspired images, which document the disappearing landmarks and changing diaspora of the city. Her images are intuitive, sometimes even happy accidents. Rosina has work in books, movies, and recently had work included in exhibitions in Corcoran Gallery of Art and Contemporary Wing. Rosina invests her time outside of her personal work, art shows and clients, in the community teaching young people to make a difference by harnessing and training their creativity and critical thinking.

Cheryl Edwards


Cheryl was born in Miami Beach, Florida. She began her studies in art during 1988 in New York City in a class at the Art Student League taught by the late, Ernest Crichlow. She has been living in Washington, DC for the past 18 years. Cheryl has exhibited in many shows in the Washington, DC, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Miami, Texas and Hong Kong. Her interest in art stems from her fascination of the human body as a whole. Her medium is oil, ink and acrylics.

Aaron Wilder


The Conditionalist: Art as Dialogue
I work primarily in mixed media and acrylic paint and use color, line, and text to grab attention and provoke personal interaction with my work. Some of the more dominant themes in my artwork include international politics, political and social commentary, popular culture, contradictions, introspection, the state of humanity, gay rights, gender equality, and questioning the process of our own socialization.
I define my beliefs about the meaning of art through the term Conditionalism. The conditional tense (or mood) in languages is used to refer to a hypothetical state of affairs or to discuss what would happen under certain circumstances. Thus, a Conditionalist is one who is concerned with understanding a range of perspectives through dialogue with others who may perceive events and the world around them in different ways. Before it was appreciated for its aesthetic qualities, art (in its diverse array of expressions) was originally used as a way to facilitate the communication of ideas. Therefore, as a Conditionalist, I seek to employ my work in creating a forum to celebrate art as dialogue where individuals can share their perspectives on issues in the community and across the world.

Originally from Arizona, I have also lived in California and France and currently reside in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, DC. I have been creating art since 2002 and have shown at exhibitions in Chicago, Illinois; Flagstaff, Arizona; Gilbert, Arizona; Phoenix, Arizona; San Francisco, California; Tucson, Arizona; and Washington, DC.

Paul Sikora


While Paul Sikora has been making mobiles since 1979, he did not turn pro until 2002 when he was commissioned to make the mobile above the front desk of the Madera Hotel on New Hampshire Avenue. He has shown his work at DC’s Downtown Main Public Library and several Artomatics. His most notable showing was at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris in November 2012, as guest of the American Ambassador, who arranged it.

Rachel Mann


I’m a natural born visual artist, born and raised in Washington, DC with a passion for all forms of art. My creative ability to create abstract art started in high school when I created a 3D black & white piece. After high school I entered into Corcran School of Art, and decided to study accounting. My passion for art was reignited going to various art showcases and galleries, so I decided to enter the RAW Artist Showcase, which by my surprise I had a number of customers purchase my art and a few art crtitcs that gave me a few pointers. I’ve been told that I have three different artists displayed in my art.

Felicia Fridie


Felicia is a self-taught visual artist from the DMV with a diverse body of work. “Sometimes I have a preconceived idea of what I want to do and sometimes I paint without any ideas in mind and let the paint talk to me.” Her work includes the use of acrylic paints as well as mixed media. Through numerous subject matters, Felicia likes to explore an interest in the relationship we have with our selves, and the search for personal meaning. Her current focus is painting the female body and eyes as there is something about the form of a woman that makes us special. “Our curves, height and skin tone we are all different and special in our own way. Just like when I paint eyes; they are the door to our soul. I think eyes tell so much of a person’s emotions may they be happy, sad or angry.”



Hooli’s need to express herself in a creative and artistic manner led her to study art. Currently, she is working towards a Bachelor in Studio Art at the University of Mary Washington.

She lets her subconscious mind come out of her through drawings and paintings, where she later recognizes a mix of people and places that she may have met at some point in life while their representation is far from realistic. She is driven by the desire to create imaginary characters and worlds, art that does not depict reality.

Chris Prosser


I am a Washington DC based fine art photographer. I enjoy preserving time by slicing angles, twisting light and bending reflection. I make the unusable usable.

Andrea A. Noel


Born in Selma, Alabama and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies Andrea Noel lives for the warmth and energy of bright colors. Andrea is a self-taught artist. Her medium is sharpie markers on watercolor paper. Andrea wants her art to be a vehicle for others to connect with God, self and creation. Her life’s goal is to listen for inspiration, envision beauty, and make art affordable to anyone.
Andrea’s artwork illustrates anywhere from one to three main images and relates a specific theme. Once those images are in place, she weaves intricate patterns around these main images. The final step to her artwork involves strategically applying vibrant colors in such a way that slightly hides the main images, while still allowing these images to come to life. Andrea is always surprised by what people see and the meaning people ascribe to her art.
In 2013, Andrea started Listen Vision Gallery, a virtual art gallery that offers Giclée reprints of her artwork. Andrea hopes to grow Listen Vision Gallery into a brand that connects people with affordable art, captures life in all its energetic colors and inspires others to create what gives them joy.



Mixed media painter and performer actor, originally from Venezuela. He worked with “Tiempo Comun Theater Street ” training new actors and participating in festivals in South America, Mexico , Spain & The USA. He studied Mime in Paris with Jacques LECOQ and movement at the LEM ( Laboratoiore pour l’etude du mouvement), where he acquired his passion for masks and La Commedia dell’Arte . In Washington he has participated in multicultural festivals and recently founded the ALACP/ Art Latin American Collective Project.

Barrett Bles


I am currently a law student but I studied Studio Art in college. My concentration was in painting but I took classes in drawing, ceramics, printmaking, and graphic design as well. I primarily work in acrylic now because the medium provides me with a lot of control and allows me to really focus in on the details. Whenever I can take a break from studying, I like to drink a glass (or two) of wine and lose myself in painting.

Jim Faris


Modernist, Whimsical, Folk Paintings and Hand Pulled Screen Prints. Art is a reflection of who we are. When it hangs on your wall, it changes you a little every day. I hope to fill your walls with color and whimsy through my paintings and prints.

To the developed mind, whimsy is often striking. Colors that ooze out from behind eyes, washes and drips of ideas. One is found inside a painting, looking out and questioning the world from inside the swirling splashes of color and stark simplicity of the brush strokes. My ideas come quick and leave me even more quickly. With a little patients, I’m leaning to catch them on the tip of my brush and pin them down to canvas or board before they escape me. I am not trying to change the world, just create moments were a person interacts with an image and finds themselves… in whimsy.

Mike Newman


5 years ago, I used the excuse of needing to build a grape arbor to justify buying a cheap welding rig. Since then, I’ve built dozens of garden structures (and one giant skull parade float )

Brian Johnson


Brian’s artwork is a reflection of his dual personality, both organized and analytical and also abstract and conceptual. His work is comprised of layers upon layers of vibrant colors and visual movement, suggestive of motion and emotion. Brian earned a B.F.A in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University, he currently lives and works in Arlington, VA.

Jackie Lay


Jackie Lay is a designer and illustrator currently living in DC and working as an art director at The Atlantic magazine.

Anab Garad

Freelance Photographer/Photojournalist living in the Atlas District

Michelle Bundy

Retired female working primarily on abstract art. Would love to have the opportunity to show some of my work, if only one piece for sale. I like to work with a lot of different colors, mostly acrylics, fabric and beaded art. Some of the work has hand sewn beads in the canvas.

Aaron Brown

I’ve been developing lots of assemblage and collage works in my practice using a variety of materials. Some pretty some ugly.

Mikael E LaRoche


I am a Trinidadian Born, Howard University Alumnus working from home to create a niche market of products for all interested buyers and art advocates. I am a painter, carpenter, interior designer, architect…but most of all, and first of all, I am an ARTIST

Jennifer Lillis


The Unconscious Process illustrates the unconscious mind at work, and how the process is a factor in the creation of the final compositions. Carl Jung believed the collective unconscious consists of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories shared on a universal level outside of our conscious awareness. Tapping into the unconscious involves the artists placing themselves in a passive, trance-like state, to see beyond one’s conscious awareness. Through the process of automatism, I tap into the “collective unconscious”, inviting each individual to study the composition.
While working unconsciously, I begin the creative process by spontaneously carving into the block, unifying the positive and negative space. Carving into the block I divide the surface into sections, alternating between each section to develop relationships among line, shape, and form throughout the design. As the creative process continues to evolve, I incorporate mixed media into the process, enhancing the intensity of the work with color.
Just as I attempt to display my personal experience, I welcome the viewer to establish his or her opinion for them self. A goal in my work is not only to display my personal unconscious but also to attempt to invite viewers to use their own experiences to interpret the design themselves.

Tammy A. Barnes

Tammy A. Barnes was born and raised in a small, rural town in Western PA. She became a DC transplant in 2006 and an official Washingtonian about four years ago when she mastered parallel parking on the left hand (driver’s) side of a one-way street. Tammy is self-taught and still refining her artistic style. She currently paints in acrylics and makes mixed media sculptures from recycled materials. She also dabbles in graphic design, creating logos, newsletters, or other marketing materials for non-profit organizations. Tammy is an emerging DC artist and Art in the Alley is her first show!

Mike Tanoory


Born in upstate New York. Influenced by comics and cartoons at an early age. Degree in Illustration from Syracuse University. I try to not take my self too seriously and hope to bring a smile or two through my art work.

Kate Patsch

With a rich artistic appreciation and background that started when she was exposed to photography at an early age, Kate Patsch has integrated the arts into every thread of her life. “Photography played an integral role in my father’s work. It was an industrial way to show others what needed to be seen. His images were as cold as the crime scene on the steel ship, but every now and then there was a print of a marigold that grew from our garden. Organic. Warm. Rich with color. Fleeting, but captured. Photography in all forms grew fluidly to become a part of who I am and how I share with others how I see the world.”

Ashleigh Corrin


Ashleigh Corrin is a line of illustrated and handcrafted housewares, art and accessories. With intent to add “style with a smile,” every item is crafted with care and designed to bring a nostalgic, charming spirit to your life and home.

Freelance designer, illustrator and crafter, Ashleigh Carter, is located in Northern Virginia where she works full-time as an Art Director at a local newspaper. She is a lover of chocolate chip cookies, nature, patterns, Jesus, learning from the people and things around her, and serving.

Chris Sabbatini

I was born in Milan, Italy, to my mother Suzanne (an American model, at the time) and father Alfredo (an Italian photographer, to this day) and grew up experiencing casting calls, photo shoots and dark room developing/printing sessions – all from knee-high level. My grandmother Eva was a fashion designer who would bring me up to her boutique to let me watch as she watercolored new designs. Many times she would transform the models into fashionable elephants (I’ll always remember her for them) and animate the paintings to tell me stories.

After the boutique, I’d use an office cart as a skateboard to zoom past journalists and editors in the offices where my family produced four fashion magazines. This is where I gained my love for technology, getting my hands on industrial Xerox machines and the very first ‘computerized’ typewriter I’d ever seen.

Life was great, and then life was life.

After my parents’ divorce I left everything I knew behind and moved to Falls Church, VA, USA with my mother and sister, Emily. American life felt, smelled, tasted different than Italian life. My mother provided wonderfully for our family – giving me every opportunity she could to help me prepare for life. It took me years of experimenting with sports, art, architecture, acting, even engineering (my first Major in college) to come full circle and find myself in a University of Virginia darkroom developing my very first roll of 35mm film.

Besides studying Photography and Digital Art, I also worked for the UVA Office of Public Affairs as a journalistic photographer. I covered anything from football games to community events to music concerts and even the Virginia Film Festival. This is when I first started viewing photography as something that could not only be a means for expressing myself, but also an exclusive ‘Pass’ into people’s lives – a way to survive while meeting interesting characters and learning the secrets of worlds I may never have known so personally otherwise.

University is also where I met and began collaborating with Konstantin Brazhnik (now my business partner and housemate here in DC). Having him to bounce ideas off of from anywhere in the world has always been invaluable and we now run a design boutique in DC.

Adrienne Adams
Adrienne has been drawing seriously, since she was three years old.  She’ll be fifteen in the fall. Drawing is her interpretation of the world.  Its meditative quality calms her mind. She enjoys showing her work and receiving feedback on it.  She’s always sketching and learning.