IMG_9392Art in the Alley fans have been wondering what’s going on for our previously announced September 30 2017 event. No updates, no call for artists, no nothin’. Yeah, we’ve been wondering the same thing…

So here you have it: We are not holding Art in the Alley this year. 

That’s pretty much it. Due to factors completely within our control, Art in the Alley is just not coming together for 2017. We apologize for the late notice and getting ya’ll excited for nothing. We are still kind of baffled that our event has such a following. Who knew that replacing the trash dumped in our alley with locals’ art for one night would become a thing? Thanks for liking our alley as much as we do.

Art in the Alley will be back in 2018. We are aiming for the spring, so you won’t have to wait too long.